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Outdoor is not for kids?  Too dangerous? Too hard? Too technical?

Look at them...



smile climb

Multipich routes, moutainbike, freeride, moutaineering

Starting 8 years old! Less when motivated!

vercors multipitch
freeride kids la grave
Camp 4 attitude

Just enjoy this time with your kids, I imagine safe custom activities where both parents & kids will have fun.

They will sometimes belay you and they will be so proud of!

Have you tested an uncommon birthday? Hide in the forest, rappel from your balcony, answer to nature quizz & find the treasure!

Ski touring gear for kids 7-9 year old.

Use twin tip skis with dynafit bindings to do skitouring with smal childrens.

1) use skis with front and rear binding adjustements.

2) drill & screw front dynafit bindings

3) add "home made" front insert made with screw (description here)

skitouring for kids
skitouring ascent for kids

-to climb up, use only dynafit front binding, remove front & back downhill bindings.

-to descent, replace the alpine bindings, use a pen to mark the length.

Then your kid have a real alpine ski with a reasonable weight on ascents.